CRFC Players Earn Coerver Kid Honors

CRFC Players Earn Coerver Kid Honors

Coerver Carolinas had more than 250 players tryout for 70 spots this year in their Coerver Kid program. Tryouts include players from South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina - all which are testes on the same Ball Mastery Skill sheets. The top 10 from each age group are invited into the Program. 

CRFC would like to congratulate the following players who have been honored as a "Coerver Kid"

2009 - Lucas Busbee (B12U Sky 09)
2008 - Blakelee Mota (B13U Sky 08)
2008 - Will Spotts (B13U Sky 08)
2007 - Noah Mitchell (B14U Sky 07)
2007 - Parker Tyner (B14U Sky 07)
2006 - Asher Lewis (B15U Sky 06)

Below are some of the key points about the Coerver Kid Program.

  • Nine focused, high-intensity training sessions. These 3-hour sessions are on Sunday evenings approximately every three weeks at the central Columbia location (scheduled around busy tournament weekends and ODP).
  • Recognition as being among the top 10 players in the tri state - for potential university, professional youth academy and national pool play.
  • Players can represent Coerver Carolinas at tournaments across the United States, including participation in FL, MD and VA Coerver Cups.
  • Players may be invited on coaching education demonstration teams in their region and beyond.
  • Players may be the stars in educational videos for players and coaches to use, plus trailers and advertisements for Coerver Carolinas, Coerver USA, and even worldwide!
  • Players have a chance to attend the Pro Player Experience in England.if they are the top three in thier age group. (Based on testing on Ball Mastery and 1v1 move Skill Sheets during each session)