SCYSA State Cup

Postponed until January 19-20

SCYSA State Cup

The SCYS President's Medal Cup will be made up the weekend of January 19-20 after the tournament was postponed on three consecutive weekends in December due to inclement weather.

Good luck to the following Congaree Rapid FC teams competing in their respective State Cups this weekend.

President's Medal Cup @ Greenville

  1. CRFC Sky 04 B15U
  2. CRFC Sky 01 B18U
  3. CRFC Sky 03 G16U
  4. CRFC Sky 02 G17U
  5. CRFC Sky 01 G18U
  6. CRFC Sky 00 G19U

Open Cup @ Columbia

  1. CRFC Sky 04 G15U


Dear Club Leadership/Coaches/Team Managers/Players and Parents:

President's Cup and Open Cup will be rescheduled and completed as follows

1. President's Cup will be completed 12/15/2018 and 12/16/2018 in Greenville. Field Complex will be finalized by Friday December 7th, 2018. This event requires a Champion at each age bracket. If for any reason your team is not going to complete this event then notify thestate office at bnichols@scysa no later than 12pm December 7th, 2018. This will help with scheduling tremendously. TELL US IF YOU ARE NOT COMING

2. Open Cup will be completed on 12/15/2018 and 12/16/2018 in Columbia. Field Complex will be finalized by Friday December 7th, 2018. This event requires all teams to commit their attendance by Friday December 7th at 12pm. Teams are not required to attend this completion date. If you do not commit via email by December 7th, 2018 at 12pm then SC Youth will assume you are not showing up the weekend of December 15 and 16, 2018 in Columbia. Send email confirmation to by 12pm on Friday December 7th, 2018. TELL US IF YOU ARE COMING

The state association wants to thank everyone for their patience during these reschedules. We also want to thank our hosting Clubs- CESA and SCUFC for their time, efforts and expenses in allowing us to use their fields during very significant rainfall. Without the use of Club facilities, these events could not operate.

Yours in soccer,

Hans W Pauling
Executive Director
South Carolina Youth Soccer